Board of Directors


President: Mike Winer

President Elect: Shannon Webster

Treasurer: Nola Campbell

Secretary: Lindsey Clark


Kay Crask

Bridget Haines

Ally McGowan

Mikaela Oss

Dana Saccomano

Joey Walko-Robinson

Membership Coordinator: Dana Saccomano

Social Media: Ally McGowan, Bridget Haines

Workshop Chairs: Nola Campbell, Mikaela Oss

Solo and Ensemble Chairs: Shannon Webster, Kay Crask

Professional Development Chairs: Bridget Haines, Kay Crask, Lindsey Clark

Be Involved

CT-ASTA is continually looking for volunteers at all levels: Executive Board Officers, Members at Large, and volunteers for our events and activities. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any member of the Board of Directors directly or through our CT-ASTA email