Board of Directors     


President: Shannon Webster

Past-President: Mike Winer

Treasurer: Nola Campbell

Secretary: Lindsey Clark


Kay Crask

Bridget Haines

Ally McGowan

Mikaela Oss

Joey Walko-Robinson

Membership Coordinator: Joey Walko-Robinson

Social Media: Ally McGowan, Bridget Haines

Fall Workshop Chairs: Nola Campbell, Mikaela Oss

Solo and Ensemble Chairs: Shannon Webster, Kay Crask

PD Chairs: Bridget Haines, Kay Crask, Lindsey Clark

Board of Directors with Sandra Dackow at the 2022 Fall Workshop

Be Involved

CT-ASTA is continually looking for volunteers at all levels: Executive Board Officers, Members at Large, and volunteers for our events and activities. Please contact any member of the Board of Directors directly or at our chapter email: